Steelwork Across UK

UK Wide Coverage Ever since being founded in 1991, DioMet has been proud to be appropriately based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire – the UK’s ‘Steel City’. As a result, the company focuses strongly on upholding and strengthening the city’s three-centuries-old reputation for producing professionally

Washing Line Poles

Dreaming of a garden escape. Winter is fading away, the nights are getting lighter and you are looking at your radiators full of clothes. No doubt the new exercise bike that you used twice in January has also become a solution for drying clothes too and the whole place is ready for that spring cle

Bespoke Glass Door Canopy

Bespoke Canopy Systems for Businesses and Institutions Brand image and brand identity are both extremely important for any business or institution, in both the private and public sectors. Effective logos, designs and colour schemes should allow people to instantly recognise and identify products,

Reclaimed Steel

Steel – An Alloy with a Heart and Soul In these days of austerity and endless DIY TV programmes, ‘upcycling’ (or recycling to you and me) is riding a wave of popularity. One person’s junk becomes another’s garden plant pot! Worn out household items are taking on new lives rather than filling up

Enhanced Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Experience Gerardo Diovisalvi founded DioMet from nothing as a start-up, family-run concern over 25 years ago. Ever since then, the Diovisalvi family have made sure to keep the business very much in-house and local to the community of Sheffield in which it was founded, expandi

Balcony Railing Designs

Things to Consider for Balcony Railing Designs Balcony railings serve a dual purpose to your home. Not only does it offer a safety aspect in providing a barrier, it also acts as a way for you to add your own designs to the exterior of your house. Balconies enclose a space so that it becomes the pe

Privacy and Security

Choose DioMet to Ensure Privacy and Security for Your Home As the famous saying goes, ‘your home is your castle’. Like any castle, your home needs to be adequately protected against unwanted intrusion from unwanted people. Urban populations are increasing in density and growing in number, meaning

Buying Your Handrail Online

Installing a New Stair Handrail Stair handrail designs to buy online Installing a new stair handrail in your home has never been so easy. Whether you are looking to start entirely new or replace a loose stair handrail, you can quickly fix the problem. A stair handrail is essential to safety and co

Improving Outdoor Space

Different Enhancements for Your Outdoor Space If you're the type who likes entertaining outdoors or enjoys being outdoors, why not make the experience a whole lot better by making some design upgrades? Whether you add outdoor canopies and gazebos or improve deck railings, little enhancements go a

Spiral Staircase Kits

DIY Spiral Staircase A spiral staircase may be exactly what you need for your home, and you may be excited to find out that it is entirely possible to build yourself. They can seem slightly complicated and will take some time, but the result will be worth it. You can install standard systems yours