Modern garden balcony designs

Frameless glass balcony and balustrade design If you want an uninterrupted view from a bedroom or garden balcony terrace, a frameless glass balcony or balustrade design is going to be the best solution available- No posts to spoil the view and the toughened safety glass screening will keep the wind

Removing a steel staircase

How do i remove a steel staircase? There is only one way to remove an external metal staircase- SAFELY so call in the professionals. DioMet have recently completed the safe removal and disposal of a first floor access staircase in Sheffield which had seen better days. With the use of a HIAB liftin

Tubular Steel Handrails

Installing handrails and improving safety. You may recall a recent blog post last month regarding our stainless steel tubular handrails which were installed to our client at Bents Green Church in Sheffield, this was our second installation at this project and we have now made a third visit to inst

Measuring For Juliet Balconies

What size juliet balcony do i need? Measuring for a juliet balcony is a reasonably straight forward task but there are a few considerations that you need to make : 1. Your balcony must overlap the window reveal to achieve a strong fixing Measure the structural opening of your doors from brick to b

Juliet Balcony Railings

Whether you call them balconies, balconettes, juliets, juliettes or just railing thingys - DioMet have it covered. We have been producing juliet balcony systems for over 25 years, servicing large commercial clients and members of the public throughout the whole of the UK - Designing, manufacturing

Zinc Cladding

Working with Keepmoat Homes New builds, new roof covering, new fascias, new cladding, new architectural designs. Weather tight shelter is available for sale by bespoke design in so many shapes and forms it can bewilder the mind. Aluminium based Zinc cladding however cannot be underestimated whe