Sheffield Metalwork Repairs

Dio-Met continue to work with Sheffield City Council as the primary Blacksmith repair works contractor and have secured a repeat contract for the works for a further year minimum. The repair work is varied and includes a multitude of metalwork repairs around Sheffield

Heavy Duty Parallettes

The fitness industry has evolved massively in a relatively short space of time and disciplines such as Cross Fit, Street Workout, Calisthenics and Strength Training are more popular than ever. Strength training often comes with a requirement for more robust equipment than the usual gym store can off

Newel Post Cap Covers

Stainless steel newel cap covers are a popular, easy and cost effective way to transform an existing timber staircase into a more updated and modern version. A newel cap cover acts as a simple transition bracket between a wooden stair post and a new stainless steel handrail

Commercial Staircases

The commercial world of construction often has a requirement for both basic service staircases to provide functionality with minimum fuss and also more decorative feature staircases with attractive balustrades dependant on the building type

Bespoke Steel Fabrications

The architectural metalwork industry is one that can bring about a wide variety of different projects and working with a bespoke fabrication company opens up a whole range of possibilities in design

Glass Balustrade Gates

Introducing a gate into your glass balustrade system can provide both functionality and safety- so in this blog we’ll look at some of the reasons to use a glass gate and display some previous example glass gates designed and supplied by DioMet.

Ask DioMet

At Dio-Met we supply a wide range of products to both private and trade users and as a result are regularly asked questions covering a multitude of topics about our products and services. Some answers may seem obvious and others more technical but we are always on hand to help our customers.

Glass Floor Frameworks

If you are installing a walk-on glass floor panel you're likely to require a structural support framework and these are available in three main styles which we discuss in this blog post.

Anti Skateboard Devices

AKA Skatestoppers, these stainless steel skateboard deterrent devices have become extremely popular in modern architecture and design. Our unique metal Skate Stopper devices are all made to order in any size or design and supplied throughout the whole UK.

Metal Juliet Balconies

Looking to buy a metal Juliet balcony? There are various considerations when making a balcony purchase and we discuss these in this blog post including design, cost, size, finish and building regulations.