Glass Wind Break Screen

A glass wind-breaker screen can provide welcome shelter on a windy, but otherwise pleasant day. Our glass wind screens are all made to order and can be customised to suit your preferred height, length or glass specification.

Wine Storage Displays

The popularity of our hinged walk on glass floor / wine-cellar door system has led to us taking the decision to stock the product in 4 sizes and as such will be available ‘off the shelf’ for immediate collection, or speedy courier delivery.

Walk-On Balcony Design

Increase your outdoor space with a first floor walk-out balcony system or simply replace your old timber patio structure for something more exciting! The majority of our customers opt for a glazed balustrade system around their balcony to enjoy views of their garden or the countryside beyond.

Why Choose Dio-Met

Many of our products are bespoke and some will represent a significant purchase in terms of cost and expectations so we have put together a list of 5 great reasons to use Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd.

Stainless Steel Newel Covers

If you’re looking to revamp an old timber staircase without removing all the structural timber newel posts, our bespoke stainless steel fabricated newel covers, toughened glass panels and associated glazing clamps / handrail fittings may provide the perfect solution….

Flagstaff Clothes Poles

Our heavy-duty steel flag poles are supplied nationwide and used for either clothes drying or to create shade-sail arrangements. These flagstaff poles are available in several different designs and variations to suit all customer budgets and style preferences from basic and traditional to trendy and

Kit Form Staircase

Installing a basic steel staircase that has been supplied in kit-form can be a simple task for most competent tradesmen or even DIY enthusiasts as most of the hard work has been completed with the design and fabrication. More complicated stairs with changes of direction, spirals or multi-flight stai

Glass Floor Frameworks

DioMet manufacture and supply various types of steel support frameworks for our walk-on floor glass panels. All glass floor frameworks are made to order, bespoke to each customer requirement and provide a safe support system for your walk-on structural glass floor panels.

Glass Balustrade FAQs

When researching glass balustrade systems, there can be an overwhelming wealth of information available, often conflicting over numerous websites so in this blog we answer three of the frequently asked questions relating to glass balustrades….

Staircase Glass Renovation

Our customer Jules wanted to modernise her old, dark timber staircase balustrade and came to us for a bespoke glass solution. The staircase was designed to include toughened glass panels with sandblasted borders, fixed within stainless steel glass clamps to infill timber voids once the wooden spindl