Glass Staircase

There are numerous balustrade styles available but when renovating your own staircase, some glass solutions or installation styles may work better than others; be it side fixed with stand-off clamps, timber infilled with glass spindles or a fully frameless glass bannister design. Either way, we have

Gardening During Lockdown

As our Government enforced lockdown continues, many people are spending more time in their gardens and looking to improve their outdoor space; enhancing the experience of not leaving the confines of their own properties- your blog writer included!

Door Access Handrails

Handrails are a common feature for aiding access up steps, ramps and inclines – especially leading to doors. A handrail does not always need to be boring, nor are they just for the senior generations so at DioMet we have a range of options for all tastes and budgets.

Tinted Glass Balustrades

Using tinted toughened glass in a balcony or balustrade system can enhance the visual appearance and provide a mid-range level of obscurity between the two most frequently bought systems using clear or frosted glass.


Dio-Met have been supplying and installing balconies for nearly 30 years and have a wide range of options available including traditional basic juliet balconies, modern glass balcony systems, step out balconies and large walk out balcony designs- either from stock, or made to order.

Covid-19 Update

We are putting out a quick statement to inform customers of our current status in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. This blog will be updated daily, if anything changes.

Metal Staircases

Although we display online guide prices for basic steel staircases, the reality is that all our fabricated metal stairs are made to order and essentially bespoke- just without the bespoke price tags. We offer a wide range of options available to customise your staircase design to suit your taste, an

Office Interior Glazing

DioMet have recently completed the installation of nearly 100no. toughened glass infill panels to a commercial office space in Central London. The glazing panels were installed between existing steel balustrade barriers to provide additional safety and security, whilst also increasing aesthetic appe

Toughened Glass Panels

Our web-store is set up to provide an instant quotation and ordering facility for a wide range of toughened safety glass panels from 6mm thick pieces upto 39mm walk on floor glass. Most simple parallelograms and rectangular panes can be ordered online, to the millimetre in the size required….

Glass Wind Break Screen

A glass wind-breaker screen can provide welcome shelter on a windy, but otherwise pleasant day. Our glass wind screens are all made to order and can be customised to suit your preferred height, length or glass specification.