Local Steelwork Business

Supporting local business and national trading is not a new concept but it’s one that we take very seriously. DioMet are a long established steel fabrication company in Sheffield and we plan to remain strong within the industry despite its decline in recent years and source materials as locally as p

Balustrade Glass

As there are a number of different glass balustrade designs available, each will require a different style or thickness of toughened glass panel- some need to be laminated glass, some frosted and some thicker than others. Our online shop has various different glass thicknesses and options to choose

Glass Spigot Balustrade Clamps

Our glass spigot style balustrade system will let you enjoy a full frameless-style infinity view without the need for invasive posts or handrails that could otherwise spoil the look. Held only at the base on two neat clamping spigots, this system looks great in many different applications.

Wrought Iron Vs Steel

Metal is just metal to many people and the terms wrought iron, steel and metal are frequently used interchangeably by a wide variety of different people and organisations all over the internet, and even by ourselves- But there is a difference, as we’ll explain……

Multi-Storey Walk Out Balcony

We have recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of 2no. matching walk-out style balcony veranda systems over 4 floors in a brand new development in Eastbourne on the south coast of England. Read this blog for more information…..

Hot Tub Privacy Screens

We noticed recently that many of our DIY package glass balustrade systems are being used around deck and patio areas with hot-tubs installed – the balustrades are often being used as wind-breaks or privacy screens for the hot-tubs rather than as traditional ‘railings’…

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Two recent glass balustrade projects serve to highlight several important factors to consider, design variations and options available when buying your balustrade system. In this blog we look at what options are available and which glass system might be most appropriate for you.

Balustrades in Holmfirth

A recently completed glass balustrade project in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire showcases our ever popular framed stainless steel and glass balustrade system. The toughened glass safety barrier was designed and supplied in kit form for DIY assembly and provides a striking feature to the external aestheti

Walk-out Balcony Structures

A steel framed walk out balcony and balustrade is currently being fabricated in our workshop and in this article we look at the various production processes involved from start to finish. So how do you build a walk-out steel balcony?

Rustic Open Wardrobe Design

Industrial style furniture is increasing in popularity and in this blog we showcase our most recent example where chunky stained timber boards are combined with industrial style metal tubing and clamps to create a wonderful bespoke open wardrobe system for a private client in Sheffield.