Summer Sun? Shade Sails Provide Protection

The UK sunshine is lovely, but scorching temperatures can be a challenge, especially for families. This summer, create a cool and protected haven in your garden with shade sails! Discover the benefits of shade sails, from sun protection to a stylish outdoor space. Dio-Met offer a fantastic selectio

Sheffield Double Decker Balcony

This recently completed walkout balcony system has it all: a sleek glass balustrade, a connecting staircase for garden access, and a design that perfectly complements the outdoor space, enhancing the home with style and functionality.

Walkout Balconies vs. Juliet Balconies

Want fresh air but tight on space? Debating between a walkout balcony and a Juliet balcony? This guide explores the pros and cons of each to help you find the perfect outdoor addition for your home! From functionality to aesthetics, discover which balcony best fits your style and needs.

Wine Cellar Doors in Kitchens

How to select the ideal glass wine cellar door for your new kitchen with our simple guide. Learn about glass types, frames, security, and design to enhance your space and protect your wine collection with style and sophistication.

Walkout Balcony in Pulborough

Explore Darren's Pulborough home transformation with Dio-Met's expansive walkout balcony system, featuring a sleek anthracite grey design, privacy glass, and dual staircases, complemented by a garden-level swimming pool and planned balcony extension for a cohesive outdoor aesthetic.

Custom Electric Glass Floor

Discover the evolution of a unique home feature with Dio-Met Fabrications Ltd, where a customer upgraded from a manual to a custom electric glass floor system, seamlessly blending technology with nature to view and feed fish swimming under his living room.

Two-Flight Kitewinder Staircase

DioMet Fabrications Ltd is thrilled to unveil a recently completed masterpiece: Tristram's two-flight steel spine staircase. This project, a supply-only endeavor, has come to life through the stunning photos provided by the customer, showcasing the seamless integration of modern design and quality m

Wine Cellar Access Hatch

This blog showcases the perfect blend of style and functionality with Dio-Met's hinged glass floor units. Improve your space with our bespoke glass hatches, like Oliver's stunning music room feature, offering both off-the-shelf options and custom designs, complete with online pricing for your conven

Custom Metal Handrails in Sheffield

Discover how our custom galvanized and powder-coated metal handrails provided a safe, stylish solution for uneven garden steps in Sheffield. Core-drill fixings ensured a secure installation, enhancing accessibility with a durable and aesthetically pleasing design.

Walk On Glass Well Cover

This blog provides a full update of the viral walk-on glass well cover project we supplied and installed for 'The Well Guy' on Tiktok and Instagram. Our client Kevin Mort discovered a 300 year old well when renovating his property and the rest is history!