Powdercoated Ramp Balustrade

Our latest glass balustrade project features our powdercoated railing design with 10mm clear toughened glazing infills to a ramped entrance platform and balcony deck to our clients holiday home. Click this blog for more info and finished pictures

Balcony Ordering Process

If you’ve seen our walk out balconies and wondered how the whole process works, we have created this simple guide to detail the steps involved from start to finish. The principle however is the same for many of our other bespoke products.

Large Walk-On Balcony

This blog showcases our most recent, and probably the largest walk-out balcony structure we have ever completed. This huge first-floor balcony replaces an old, rotting timber balcony system and provides nearly 35 square metres of usable floor space! The balcony was installed to our client’s property

Wine Cellar Trap Door

If you have a basement or wine cellar then our hinged glass floor system is an absolute game changer. Modern, sophisticated and safe to walk on, our basement cellar door system continues to be exceptionally popular for a range of uses from display cabinets to functional access doors.

Glass Basement Door Hatch

Our hinged glass floor system is popular for use as a wine cellar door or display storage cabinet however many of our customers also use them as a basement access trap door hatch- this example was used for just that and positioned in the centre of a modern kitchen area with stunning effect.

Unique Glass Floor Project

We supply toughened and laminated walk-on floor glass all over the UK and often don’t get to see where it is used. Our latest customer however had a totally unique project and was delighted to share photos of her floor glass within her train carriage / house renovation!

Glass Spigot System

Our floor mounted glass spigot system is easy to install and available in a range of sizes online, or made to order as required. This blog has pictures supplied by our most recent customer who used the glass spigot system for a low-level patio seating area.

Feature Garden Well

Found a well in your garden? So many people do, and what better way to make a lovely feature out of it than with our walk-on glass well cover systems! We can supply either just the floor glass, or the whole steel framework support too-click to see our latest example.

Underground Wine Cellar Door

You’ve probably seen some of the pictures- stunning wine cellars with spiral staircases only to find out they cost upwards of £50,000 so how about a budget friendly option for a more modest sized collection? Click to see our hinged glass floor system in action, at a fraction of the cost.

Modern First Floor Balcony Durham

Extending your outside space has never been so easy! Our walk-out balcony systems are extremely popular and here is our latest example complete with glass balustrade to the perimeter and raised 1.8m opaque privacy screen to one side.