Feature Garden Well

Found a well in your garden? So many people do, and what better way to make a lovely feature out of it than with our walk-on glass well cover systems! We can supply either just the floor glass, or the whole steel framework support too-click to see our latest example.

Underground Wine Cellar Door

You’ve probably seen some of the pictures- stunning wine cellars with spiral staircases only to find out they cost upwards of £50,000 so how about a budget friendly option for a more modest sized collection? Click to see our hinged glass floor system in action, at a fraction of the cost.

Modern First Floor Balcony Durham

Extending your outside space has never been so easy! Our walk-out balcony systems are extremely popular and here is our latest example complete with glass balustrade to the perimeter and raised 1.8m opaque privacy screen to one side.

Stainless Steel and Glass

By far our most popular product is our stunning stainless steel and glass balustrade system and each one we produce is made to order, entirely bespoke to suit each client’s requirements- see this blog for some examples from last week.

Powdercoated Glass Handrails

This blog features a galvanized and powdercoated glass balustrade system and handrail installed this week to our customers front entrance steps in the Tapton area of Sheffield. Click for more information on our bespoke fabricated steel and glass balustrade systems.

Spiral Staircase Sheffield

Our most recent project is a bespoke metal spiral staircase installed for a customer in Sheffield as part of a home renovation. Our client Claire has an upside-down house with her kitchen at first floor level, and wanted a spiral staircase to access the rear garden with ease.

Glass Patio Balustrades Sheffield

Dio-Met have completed the supply and installation of a stainless steel and glass balustrade in Crosspool, Sheffield. This glass patio fencing system was installed on a rainy Thursday in August for our client Susan, who had recently replaced her whole patio area with new stone flags.

Privacy Screen Balustrades

Introducing a raised privacy screen within a glass balustrade system is a common requirement, often specified by building control and this latest example installation in Sheffield uses opaque glass within our powdercoated glass balustrade system to achieve the desired finish.

Walk-Out Balcony Deck

Our walk-out style balcony systems with glass balustrading have quickly become one of our most popular products, constantly flowing through our production calendar. Our latest example was installed in Sheffield, Yorkshire only yesterday, complete with composite decked flooring and privacy screening.

DIY Glass Balustrade Systems

As one of the UK’s leading glass balustrade manufacturers, we supply our systems nationwide on a daily basis in kit form for self-installation. Most of our glazed balustrades are simply to fit with reasonable DIY skills or by any builder or tradesperson; here are some of this week’s examples: